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            Special Events

(Preempts Regular Programming)

10 FEB 15: 1105ET:   A Closer Look: View From The Top: The Army's Vice Chief of Staff, General Dan Allyn says the Army is undergoing dramatic change, downsizing in the face of economic constraints. In a candid conversation, he shares his insights on the shape of the Army. Join Gail McCabe in "A Closer Look: View From The Top," airing on DoD News.

10 FEB 15:
LIVE 1130ET - Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work delivers the opening keynote address at the Western Conference and Exposition in San Diego, California.

10 FEB 15: LIVE 1500ET - DoD Briefing: Pentagon Press Secretary RADM John Kirby briefs the press corps.

10 FEB 15: LIVE 1540ET - ADM William Gortney, Commander, U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command delivers the keynote luncheon address at the Western Conference and Exposition.